AL262 Stiff Little Spinners Vol. 8


Various Artists – AL262 Stiff Little Spinners Vol. 8 (24/03/2017)
Format: limited 12” vinyl (incl. download-code) + digital
Label:  Audiolith
Distribution: Broken Silence / wordandsound /

A handful of cables, laptops and a few dusty machines are all it takes to make music. On Stiff Little Spinners Vol. 8 this is proven once again with seven exclusive tracks by Thomas Atzmann, Rampue, Kalipo, Krink, Paradise Hippies, Gimmix and Monopohl. The eighth edition of the Stiff Little Spinners compilation is ready for the next demolition party with a mix of modern deep house, slow jams & dreamy techno future classics.

You can preorder the record here. On release day 24.03.2017 we will celebrate in Golem in Hamburg.


01 Thomas Atzmann – Skagerrak

After a longer release break, Thomas Atzmann delivers the first sure shot of this record. Skaggerrak convinces from the beginning with spheric ambience and tom-tom grooves, dissolving in a wash of big synth emotions.

02 Rampue – Der König und der Vogel

King Rampue dishes out an A+ Slow Jam. Minimalistic in the beginning, this track leads you directly via screwed vocals to a cosmic breakdown of intoxicating emotions. All of it with a beautifully relaxed bpm.

03 Kalipo – Gernkraftwerk

The manifold producer is on the ticket as per ususal – this time with a detroit-y neo trance attack. With the appropriate volume this tune can lead to loss of gravity.

04 Krink – Dazed

This track is tuning feedback into filters and synth stabs in your face as if there was no tomorrow. Some tunes will always instill hope that’s it’s possible to dance forever and never go home.

05 Paradise Hippies – Prosecco Mate

The last hippies of Hamburg bring proof that two rad dudes together make an extremely rad pair. Known in every dive bar around town, Joney and Digital Norman decided to become a super group to blow everyone’s minds away with their very own R’n’B disco cut.

06 Gimmix – Karlie

Rounding the whole thing off is Gimmix with a modern deep house classic. All the right ingredients from arpeggio synth via deep chords to trippy vocal fragments. What more could you want.

07 Monopohl – Patellaluxation

Bremen-based Monopohl is the rookie on this record. After a couple of EPs he docked on to the mother ship Audiolith to give this dreamy radiator to the world. Synth lines epicly build up to an absolute peak time monster, ready to pick up everyone who wants to fly at a higher game.


Kalipo Live @ Watergate Berlin 10th Feb 2017

Berlin, Friday night, far below 0 degrees. Down by the river, inside Watergate, Kalipo plays his first hometown-show of 2017, making everyone forget their winter worries for an entrancing hour. His goosebump-inducing deep-house live-set is magnetizing as always, interlaced with new release, unpublished tracks and edits of songs that will take you back to your most happiest and carefree times.


The techno machinist is showcasing his production skills, his knack for balancing heartfelt melodies with droney bass & his joie de vivre. Evidently, Kalipo is ready and looking forward to mesmerize with his set-up in 2017.

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Rampue Down Under & NZ 2017


Hey Australia! Rampue enjoyed his first stay at your strange & beautiful country so much that he’s gonna be back very soon! Plus he’s gonna stop by New Zealand also… Exciting times!

25th Jan – Brisbane – Solar Pop Australia Day Eve (AUS)
26th to 28th Jan – Melbourne – Rainbow Serpent Festival 2017 (AUS)
28th Jan – Sydney – C.U SPICE (Aus)
3rd Feb – Melboune – Lake Peoplem Greenfields (AUS)
5th Feb – Auckland – Shipwrecked 2017 (NZ)

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New Rampue Live-Set! WooMoon Closing Party in Ibiza 16th September


Many people all over the world have been asking for months and months. They have been expecting it longingly: an updated live-set by Rampue! Even though he is playing his one-of-a-kind slower and faster sounds all over the globe nearly every weekend, recordings of his live-sets are rarer than diamonds.

Mid September he closed the new but already legendary party series WooMooN in Ibiza. The moon was a luminous sphere in the sky, matching the theme of the night perfectly: full moon.

Rampue played an ineffable 3 hour (!) live-set, accompanied by numerous visual surprises. Unforgettable for everyone who took part. Rightly so, WooMooN won the Ibiza Electronic Music Award for the “Best Ibiza Night” shortly after.

Kalipo – Dyson (Official Video)

Dyson is in all of us. The only question is, how much you let him decide. Kalipo a.k.a. Jakob Häglsperger shouldn’t need any further introduction. As part of “Frittenbude” he’s a star, as Kalipo he’s a down-to-earth producer and a passionate techno machinist. It’s only natural that he would name this track after his new vacuum cleaner.

„Dyson“ was released as part of the Stiff Little Spinners Vol. 7 on 16th June 2016.
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Finally, a new live set from Kalipo!

Jakob has had to be asked many times to finally record a new live set. He always thought there were too many unreleased tracks he’s performing live. However, at ‚Nation of Gondwana‘ he couldn’t hold it off any longer. His set was too good not to be recorded and too many people were enthralled at the Seebühne on a sunny Sunday morning to not capture this moment.

So here it is, Kalipo’s current live set played on Sunday 24th July 2016 at a lake near Berlin – as always, played without a laptop but on a lot of machines instead.

At this point, there is no tracklisting, as there are so many unreleased tracks. Some were released recently or will be released in the near future.