Joney – old and new, borrowed and blue

We are pleased to announce that Joney‘s new EP “Retrovertigo” will be released digitally on Audiolith Records on 04/09/2015. To fulfill the age-old wedding perequisites, we are also re-releasing his debut “illowhead” on 28/08/2015. What is borrowed and what is blue in this arrangement, we will leave for you to find out…

AU_joney_vertigo_insta_neuDesign by Kilian Vilim

Jonas Schiefferdecker, simply known as Joney, produces experimental electro music spanning almost all known genres. It will always make you dance, at times like a bopping drum’n’bass fanatic, or like a hopping breakbeat listener, like a trance-y spacecake and then sometimes like an ecstatic teenager. Why is it, that this Hamburg-based producer refuses to decide on one genre and stick to it? The reason for this is part of the message that Joney wants to send out to the (generally message-lacking) world of music. In the same way that cultural debris always creates new cultures, Joney grew up in and grew from the ruins of the dying youth cultures of the 90s. Flashbacks to times before TV-on-Demand and the internet, when the kids hung out in parks and under bridges with cheap sound systems. This retrospective however is neither melancholic nor retro: Joney doesn’t own any vinyl and instead he produces with a computer, a synth and sometimes his drum kit.
Joney’s debut LP “illowhead” was released on vinyl in 2013 and it is re-issued digitally by his new musical home base Audiolith on 28/08/2015. The record was celebrated and highly regarded for it’s experimental, genre-surpassing and brilliant production by both known DJs and relevant magazines. This trend is continued by the new EP “Retrovertigo” which will be released on Audiolith Records on 04/09/2015. The seven tracks were produced over the last 5 years, and have been perfected during numerous live shows in front of diverse audiences to be tracks that enchant and disturb the listener to a similar degree. They are a last resistance against consumerism and marketing trends. Anything goes, but nothing is easy. They pull people in just to alienate them. Perfectly planned ideas, realized in total chaos. Joney himself is just like his music: deadly serious and carefree, happy-go-lucky, reflected and ignorant at the same time. His enigmatic self and his musically fearless and open-minded creations might be what makes him notorious amongst the social circles of the Golden Pudel Club, East the Beat and Ill… However to find the real Joney, one would have to head out after 3am to find him amongst Hamburg’s club scene.

As a little taster/bribery we uploaded one complete song to Soundcloud, check it out:

Joney – Retrovertigo (04/09)
iTunes: (Instant: Island In The Pun)

Joney – illowhead (21/08)
iTunes: (Instant: Get Drunk feat. Grapes)

06.8. Neukirchen – Skandalös Festival
15.8. Hamburg – Nachtasyl
19.8. Hamburg – Golden Pudel Club
21.8. Hamburg – Hafenklang
05.9. Hamburg – Golem
10.9. Hamburg – Golden Pudel Club
26.9. Zürich – Secret Location

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Rampue on Bremen 4 and at Breminale

Last weekend Rampue visited Bremen Vier for a quick interview with Malte Janssen before playing the Deichgraf Stage at Breminale. You can listen in here and check out pictures from the studio and from the gig.
Breminale 2015 [Source: Radio Bremen, Photographer: Marcus Lorenczat]

On Bremen Vier they played this gem… Still so good, have a listen and remember 2012:

Kalipo at Riverside, PL

Audioriver 2015 - poster

This weekend, Kalipo is playing at the 9th edition of Audioriver in Plock, Poland. The festival is located right by the riverbank of the Vistula and the line-up seems to be as promising as the scenery is picturesque.

Kalipo will be playing a live set on Friday night/Saturday morning from 02:00 to 03:00 at the Wide Stage. Unfortunately, there are no tickets left for Friday, however do go and check out his set if you find yourself at Audioriver.

Free download of “Oveile” and giveaway on XLR8R

XLR8R like “Oveile” by Gimmix & Zorro so much, that they want to share it with everyone: there’s a free download of the track on their site. In addition, they are giving away a copy “Stiff Little Spinners Vol. 6” on vinyl for free. Sweet!

Stiff Little Spinners arm

If you do not believe in luck, the record can be obtained from the following outlets (vinyl, stream or download):

Soundcloud Snippetset | Audiolith Webshop | iTunes | | | Juno | Spotify

Gimmix & Zorro posieren mit der neuen Platte

Die Guten, die zusammen den Opener “Oveile” der neuen Stiff Little Spinners Vol. 6 produziert haben, sind hier zusehen wie sie stolz, erfreut und mit Liebe die neue Platte in ihren Händen halten. Release Date ist diesen Freitag, bestellt doch schonmal vor!

Gimmix und Zorro

Stiff Little Spinners Vol. 6 erhältlich ab dem 03.07. als Vinyl, Download oder Stream:

Soundcloud Snippetset | Audiolith Webshop | iTunes | | | Juno | Spotify

1Live DJ Session

Wer gerne Techno hört, ist ja meistens am Sonntagmorgen zwischen 0 und 3 Uhr gerade dabei sich zu duschen, warm zu trinken und/oder sich anderweitig auf die Nacht vorzubereiten. Für alle, die dann noch zu Hause sind, empfehlen wir die 1Live DJ Session anzuschalten und sich von deephousigen Klängen begleiten zu lassen. Alle anderen können sich die Sets in der darauffolgenden Woche als Preview auf Soundcloud oder auch als Podcast in der Gesamtlänge anhören.

Rampue ist dort Resident und 1 bis 2 mal im Monat dabei. So auch letzten Samstag – das könnt ihr euch hier anhören:

Die nächsten Termine für Rampues Residency sind 16.08.2015, 11.10.2015 und 06.12.2015 immer um 02:00 Uhr oder in der dritten Stunde der Show.

THUMP: “Irgendwann fällt es dir auf: Dieser Track klingt, wie eine gute Hausparty sich anfühlt.”

THUMP haben Rampues Track “Schleiermacherstraße” der Stiff Little Spinners Vol. 6 hier premiert und stellen fest, dass der Song wie eine gute Hausparty ist. Eigentlich gibt es nicht viele bessere Dinge im Leben als eine gute Hausparty: Fette Tracks von nem Kollegen aufgelegt, alte und neue Freunde, keine Security, kein Eintritt, selbst gebrauten Schnaps und wahlweise die Nachbarn, die mitfeiern, oder die Polizei.