Kalipo Video “Banana Garden”

Today the first music video for “Banana Garden” of Kalipo’s forthcoming second album “Wanderer” was premiert on Thump.

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AL238 Kalipo “Wanderer” (Audiolith, 22.01.2016)
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Kalipo’s second album “Wanderer” out via Audiolith on 22/01/16


Jakob Häglsperger AKA Kalipo is a busy man. Operating as one third of German electro-punk band Frittenbude, his solo alias was brought to life in 2014 with debut album “Yaruto”, released on experimental label Antime Records. The multi-faceted producer now returns to Audiolith with the “Wanderer LP”, after having released the gorgeous “Mäusemarsch” this summer on the label’s electronic-focused Stiff Little Spinners compilation series.

“Wanderer “is a restless record which sees Kalipo work his way through the deeper ends of four to the flour with a refreshingly experimentalist approach to production, with defamiliarized samples and analogue gear running the show. The music has changed since the Berliner’s debut album, becoming more propulsive, more physical and geared towards the dancefloor. Composed mostly on tour or over extended periods of travelling, the track names on “Wanderer” each come with their particular story, referencing places Kalipo has previously played or traveled to. Monolithic opener “Donau Sunrise” sets the tone straight from the start with sanguine arpeggiators that work their way across a mystical backdrop. Melancholic themes infiltrate the cracks of the album and stand out tracks “Banana Garden”, written when Kalipo was stuck in a bamboo hut in the middle of thai jungle with a 40 degree fever and nothing else but headphones, a sampler and penicillin for company, and the stunning “Institute Of Cotton Wool” are set to become earworms of the highest order.

“Wanderer” sees Kalipo right in his element. Tension builds and dissolves gracefully throughout and the Berliner’s audacious approach to production give his music an authentic and very recognizable feel, one which is clearly Berlin-influenced but which also evades the set templates. Wanderer is out on vinyl, digital and CD on 22nd January 2016 on Audiolith. The CD release will feature 4 bonus b sides from the Yaruto sessions.

The first track “Institute of Cottonwool” can be exclusively heard on XLR8R.

Available for pre-order:
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Rampue @ Amsterdam Dance Event 2015


Rampue is excited about playing Amsterdam Dance Event this year twice! First he will be with the taste-making music curation and event production collective Bespoke Music at Bespoke Music ADE Special on October 15th. Two days later you can meet him at Waterhouse at the Berlin based label URSL Records’ showcase.

15.10. Bespoke Music ADE Special

17.10. URSL at ADE