Stiff Little Spinners Vol. 7 out on 17th June 2016


Welcome to Audiolith’s Stiff Little Spinners Volume 7. Once again, we asked familiar and unfamiliar sound progressors  to build a helicopter out of paper-clips for us, however all they delivered was solid techno. Very well then!



A1 Trummerschlunk & Ivan Capriles – Frau Böse (Abgelehnt, leider voll)
Trummerschlunk operates wacky musical machines by teasing electronic music out of them. Tough, but sweet and beautifully minimal. “Frau Böse” is an anthem against the compassion-lacking bureaucracy with which Europe cultivates its inhuman immigration (and deportation) policies. Electronic music can be more than numbing.

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A2 Kalipo – Dyson
Kalipo a.k.a. Jakob Häglsperger shouldn’t need any further introduction. As part of “Frittenbude” he’s a star, as Kalipo he’s a down-to-earth producer and a passionate techno machinist. It’s only natural that he would name this track after his new vacuum cleaner.

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A3 Joney & Gimmix – Can I Haz Guestlist?
The Hamburg-Leipzig axis stands for electronic music with an attitude. On both ends are artists who the monotony of familiarity behind and and break new ground. Sometimes a little difficult, mostly surprising, always with impeccable style and particularly wicked.

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B1 Rampue – Adagio for Phoenicopterus
Only the one who knows what a flamingo really wants should attempt writing a track for these wondrous animals. Rampue has travelled to faraway countries and studied their wild-life along the way. This is how he knows that these birds can never resist a beautiful melody in adagio.

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B2 Krink – Ascent
Krink – a name like a stone. Hard and void of embellishment. Techno free from la-di-da with even more deepness instead. This has been Krink’s route for years, convincing with clean and nerdy productions without ingratiation. He is called the sound whisperer for a reason.

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B3 Hassan Abou Alam – Fragile Things
Hassan lives in Cairo and he is resident with Egypt’s best techno crew “Nacelle”. Where the temperature rises above 40°C regularly, he plays dreamy, melodic down-tempo livesets that never miss a deep bassline. The best soundtrack for lazing about under a parasol.

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